7 Ways Paving Contractors in Sittingbourne Can Improve Your Property

First Highways Ltd are specialist paving contractors based in Sittingbourne, covering the whole of the Kent region. We have over 100 years of combined experience in providing surfacing solutions to both the domestic and commercial sectors. There are many ways we can improve your property, from laying a new driveway for added aesthetic appeal to surface dressing your private road for better access. Our expertise range from tarmac driveway installation to drop kerbs and much more.


Based in Sittingbourne or the surrounding areas? Get in touch with our team for a wide range of bespoke services including surface dressing and private road construction. We are a Kent County Council and Kent Highway Approved company, with public liability and employers liability insurance for your peace of mind.



7 Ways Paving Contractors Can Improve Your Property


1. Laying a new driveway

Upgrading, replacing or introducing a new driveway instantly adds kerb appeal to any home or business. In fact, it is one of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to increase the value of your property and attracts buyers. First impressions are everything and having a freshly laid block paving, concrete or tarmac driveway with drop kerbs, opposed to a crumbling old one, will make a significant difference to how people perceive your property.


2. Creating stunning pathways

At First Highways Ltd, we specialise in enhancing outdoor areas with beautiful walkways, alleyways and pathways. As trained and experienced paving contractors in Sittingbourne, we are fully equipped to transform garden and grounds across Kent with tailored hard surfacing features. Not only do pathways provide practical access, but also contrasting textures that work well with the surrounding environment.


3. Repairing a tarmac driveway

As well as installing a new driveway, we also specialise in repairing them. Over time, an asphalt or tarmac driveway may become damaged or stained if properly maintained. Our experts will have your driveway in a superior condition once again. We carry out everything from spot treatments for potholes to surface dressing as a cost-effective resurfacing option.


4. Introducing drop kerbs

A dropped kerb, also known as a vehicle crossover, is where the kerb is lowered to allow vehicles to cross a pavement or footway. A dropped kerb is often a requirement we are installing a new driveway for a customer in Sittingbourne or the wider Kent area. Drop kerbs should be at least 2.4 metres wide at the property boundary and 4.5 metres wide at the kerb edge.


5. Adding surface dressing

There are many advantages to having surface dressing carried out at your property. It is one the quickest and most economical ways of sealing cracks in a tarmac driveway and reduces the chance of potholes forming. The aggregate also provides a skid-resistant and highly durable surface. As specialist paving contractors, we have the skills and equipment to undertake surface dressing for driveways, pathways and private roads.


6. Constructing a car park

Does your property require car park or do you need a new parking space built? Domestic and commercial clients, as well as local authorities, in Sittingbourne and the surrounding areas can come to First Highways Ltd for car park constructions. We can help with designs and planning applications, before expertly undertaking the required earthworks, drainage, sub-base preparation and base construction. We work with local lane markers who we trust to meet our high standards, to create the marking of parking bays, surface text and arrows.


7. All types of repairs and maintenance

If a surface, such as a tarmac driveway or even drop kerbs, is in constant use then over time it will require some form of repair or maintenance. At First Highways Ltd, we offer competitively priced repair services for clients throughout Kent. You can count on our team to complete the work in a timely and professional manner. Should repairs not be cost-effective for a driveway, we may suggest having a new driveway or surface dressing lain.

Call First Highways Ltd on 01795 471001 today, your local paving contractors in Sittingbourne. We specialise in driveways, drop kerbs, surface dressing, roads and paving.

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