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First Highways Ltd are committed to improving the roads of Kent. Whether working with local authorities or commercial and domestic customers, we offer cost-effective surfacing solutions that cause minimum disruption. Our paving contractors are experts in pothole repairs, surface dressing and drop kerbs. We also specialise in new driveway installations and tarmac driveway repairs. Based in Sittingbourne, Maidstone is just one of the many areas we cover across the Kent region. Contact us now for general or urgent enquiries.



Kent County Council Paving Contractors


First Highways Ltd are proud to be a local business working alongside Kent County Council and Kent Highways Agency, to help make our county’s roads smoother and safer. Road conditions in Maidstone and throughout the UK have been a hot topic for many drivers this year. A recent article posted by the BBC claims that there are around 37,000 kilometres of public roads in England are in poor condition. Due to harsh winter weather conditions such as the ‘Beast from the East’, local roads throughout the country have suffered this year and it’s become a common theme to be dodging potholes on your daily commute.


Thankfully, the government has said it is investing in £6-billion to improve local roads. We are also taking action as paving contractors and new driveway specialists, by working with local authorities to smooth surfaces throughout Kent, including in Maidstone. One of the methods we use to repair roads, pavements, drop kerbs and tarmac driveway installations is surface dressing. This is a very efficient road surface treatment that is most commonly used on C and D roads, private roads, car parks and driveways. Surface dressing involves spraying the road with bitumen binder, laying stone chippings over it and rolling the area to create a smooth and compacted surface. Opening it up to traffic then helps to compact it even more.



Problematic Potholes


If you have a pothole on your tarmac driveway or the road leading up to your property has seen better days, contact First Highways Ltd. As professional paving contractors operating throughout Maidstone, we can lay a new driveway, install drop kerbs and repair roads. Potholes are caused by the exposure to constant weather conditions and use, with water being the main culprit. Cracks form in the asphalt when water freezes, expanding it, and then melts. Rainwater will then sink through these cracks causing ground water to develop underneath. When vehicles pass over the road the water underneath is forced through the roadbed and eventually erodes parts of it. As the asphalt sinks into these gaps more cracks form and chunks eventually become loose and displaced causing potholes.


Although most common on roads, potholes can also occur on car park surfaces, pavements, drop kerbs and tarmac driveway installations. Not only are they unsightly but hitting a pothole in your car or on a bike can cause damage or injury. If you spot any cracks forming or the first signs of a pothole developing, get in touch with our paving contractors in Maidstone. We can carry out surface dressing to quickly repair the issue or install an affordable new driveway or road.

Looking for paving contractors and new driveway specialists in Maidstone? Call 01795 471001 now. We specialise in tarmac driveway installs, drop kerbs and surface dressing.

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