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Drop Kerbs in Gravesend
Permissions and Regulations for Driveways and Patios

When installing new driveways, patios, block paving and drop kerbs, work must adhere to relevant regulations and controls. While patios and drives won’t always need planning permission or building regulation approval, it’s important to make sure your project in the Gravesend area meets certain requirements. For example, impermeable surfaces such as tarmac drives will need to include provisions for drainage. There are also size restrictions and access requirements to consider.

Having operated as a groundworks and landscaping company since 2009, First Highways has ample experience in the regulations that surround paving, tarmac surfaces, and hardscaping.

On this page, we discuss the following in relation to these vehicle crossovers:

  • Planning Permission

  • Drop Kerb Installations

  • UK Building Regulations

  • Materials

Planning Permission

There are specific rules for homeowners who want to pave over front gardens. These are in place to prevent flooding and to ensure safety. If new or replacement driveway installations use permeable surface materials, such as gravel or permeable block paving, you will not need planning permission. You also won’t need permission if a system is in place to direct rainwater to a lawn or a border where it can drain naturally.

However, if the surface you plan to cover is larger than 5 square metres and you choose impermeable materials that don’t allow for water run-off, you will need planning permission.

This includes for traditional concrete and tarmac drives.

For other areas of your property, there are rarely any restrictions on how much land you can cover with a hard surface. As a reputable landscaping company, we ensure all driveways, patios and pathways are functional, safe and suitably hardwearing.

Drop Kerbs

If you need to lower a kerb to gain access to a property, you must obtain planning permission from your local council. In addition, only approved contractors can install them. First Highways is a Kent County Council approved installer offering reliable kerb lowering and pavement strengthening services in Gravesend and the surrounding areas.

We were one of the first companies in our region to use an innovative system if there are tree roots near to drop kerbs.

UK Building Regulations

In general, you don’t need regulatory approval for laying new driveways and patios. This includes for block paving and tarmac drives. However, alterations must not negatively impact access to your property. For example, adding steps where there weren’t any before would go against the current regulations because the steps would make the building less accessible.

The same rules apply for drop kerbs, but you must still have the relevant approvals from a local authority. In Gravesend, this includes planning permission from the district council planning department, and approval from the county council.


As an experienced landscaping company, First Highways has an extensive knowledge of driveway and patio surfacing materials. We can recommend the best option for your needs. If you wish to build over a front garden without planning permission, it’s important to choose acceptable and permeable materials. We advise on materials on a project-by-project basis.

The most popular options include gravel, permeable block paving and porous asphalt, which is like tarmac.

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