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Drop Kerbs in Gravesend and Kent
Access Made Easy by Your Local Landscaping Company

If you want to get the most out of a domestic driveway or from a commercial car park, drop kerbs are a must. Also known as vehicle crossovers, these are lowered sections of kerb that you see at road junctions and in front of driveways. First Highways is qualified to lower kerbs, and we are proud to be one of the only local companies with approval from both Kent County Council and the Kent Highway Agency.

Whether you are a domestic or commercial customer in Sittingbourne, Gravesend or their surrounds, if you haven’t chosen our landscaping company, you have chosen second best. Why not check out our reviews and previous works to see for yourself, and contact us today?

As driveway and tarmac laying experts, we are highly adept in lowering kerbs and reinforcing pavements so that they can take the weight of vehicles and foot traffic. They are essential to building an effective and practical driveway.

Planning Permission

Before installing drop kerbs, you must have approval from the local authority. This includes planning permission from your district council planning department, and further approval from the county council. You must obtain planning permission before applying for drop kerb approval. If the district council advises that planning permission isn’t necessary, you will need written confirmation of this decision.

For expert advice on planning requirements, or for more information on our services, please call our landscaping company.

Installing Drop Kerbs

Only contractors with local authority approval can carry out drop kerb installations. First Highways is a Kent County Council approved installer of vehicle crossovers. We have many years of experience lowering kerbs in Gravesend, our hometown of Sittingbourne and the wider local area. If you need better access to domestic or commercial premises, we can deliver solutions and surfaces strong enough to withstand daily use.

A professional standard of installation helps to maintain the condition of a surface and protects any underlying pipework.

Our landscaping company installs drop kerbs for all surface materials including tarmac drives, concrete and block paving. Whichever material you choose, our work must meet set criteria.

For example, a drop kerb must:

  • Have a minimum width of 2.4m

  • Be more than 10m away from a junction

  • Have suitable drainage in place

  • Avoid the removal of tree roots

  • Be at least 1.5m from streetlights

  • Leave room for parking vehicles on your property

Established in 2009, First Highways has many years of local experience in the construction of drop kerbs which comply with all current regulations. In addition, we were the first company to adopt a method which allows us to put them next to trees. This method was unseen in Kent before we put it forward and gained approval from our local authority.

Our use of the latest methods and quality materials, alongside our commitment to quality, reliability and fair pricing, makes us a leading local choice for vehicle crossovers and surfacing works in Sittingbourne, Gravesend and all surrounding areas.

Call First Highways on 01795 471001 for drop kerbs in Sittingbourne, Gravesend and the surrounding areas.